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AVINCO is one of the biggest airplane trading concerns of the world. The firm with head offices in Monaco and Dublin has specialised on remarketing, sourcing and leasing of civilian airplanes and helicopters.
Location: Monaco
Projects: Website, Email-Newsletter


International consultancy with headquarters in Paris, London and Wiesbaden. Its main field of duties is in improving the internal and external communication of large companies.
Location: Wiesbaden
Projects: Corporate Design, Website

removal group

The firm confern is one of the biggest, removal groups in europe and organizes privat and firm moving of every dimension.
Location: Mannheim
Projects: Website, Broschüre, Powerpoint-Präsentation

CPO Unternehmensberatung

CPO Unternehmensberatung is an international HR consultancy with its headquarters in Mainz. The company is specialised in the fields of personnel and organisational development of large-scale and medium-sized companies.
Location: Mainz
Projects: Website, Christmas card, Corporate Design, Calendar

Das Finanzenteam

Das Finanzteam is an online- insurance broker known for its large choice of inexpensive insurances.
Location: Schauernheim
Projects: Corporate Identity, Website

DART Helicopter Services

DART Helicopter Services - a worldwide leading company for sale, marketing and manufacturing of helicopter equipment with its headquarters in USA and Canada.
Location: Los Angeles, USA; Hawkesbury, Kanada
Projects: Website, Webshop

Dr. Eckel GmbH

Dynamic consultancy and distributor for animal feed additives. Extremely successful on the market through its service-oriented portfolio, combined with unique brand presence in the industry.
Location: Niederzissen
Projects: Corporate Design, Product folder, Advertisements, Info Folders, Exhibition, Presentation CD, Direct Mailing, Website, E-Mail newsletter, Online game, Mailing WM planner, Christmas campaign, External lettering

Era Helicopters LLC

Era Helicopters is headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and is one of the leading helicopter service providers in the USA. Transporting personnel to the shallow and deepwater oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska is Era’s primary business
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
Projects: Website

Era Flightseeing Tours

Era Flightseeing Tours is one of the leading helicopter sightseeing companies in Alaska. They allow tourists from around the world to experience the breathtaking beauty of the glacier filled National Parks Denali and Juneau from the air as well as on the ground through hiking tours.
Location Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Projects: Logo revision, Website, Brochure

Era Training Center

Era Training Center is one of the most modern helicopter training centers in the US. They are equipped with two new state-of-the art helicopter flight-training devices and train pilots from all over the world.
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
Projects: Website

Energie Südbayern GmbH

ESB is one of the largest natural gas providers in Bavaria.
Location: München
Projects: concept and realization of the Corporate design handbook, Business report, Employee newsletter, Mission statement brochures, Info- and Productbrochures, Employee festivity event planning, Desk calendar, Press kit, bookmark, Multimedia CD, Multimedia in reception area


EUROVAN, the moving specialist for european moving with headquarters in Bern, operates in europe in a network of moving partners.
Location: Bern, Schweiz
Projects: Website

Individualhilfe Heidelberg

Individualhilfe Heidelberg is a non-profit-making GmbH and member of the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband LV Stuttgart. It follows the notion of bringing together disabled and able-bodied people in order to make them independent from institutional help.
Individualhilfe Heidelberg has many years of experience in the field of time-consuming home care and support and adapts its practices to the constant experience with severely handicapped people and their special requirements.
Location: Heidelberg
Projects: Corporate Design, advertising means, memorial publication, event set-up for 25-year anniversary, Website

Ines Amann Creative Advertising

Advertising company with a high demand on quality and unusual ideas.
Location: Irslingen
Projects: Website, E-Newsletter, Christmas campaign

ISOHH – International Society of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy

ISOHH is an international, independent umbrella organization for alternative therapies such as homotoxicology, homöopathy und bio-regular medicine
Location: Baden-Baden
Projects: Website, Backend, Event-Planner

kommunika GmbH

Agency for communication management, with specialisation in improving communication of companies through “experiences”.
Location: Lindau
Projects: Corporate Design, Business stationery, Website, Brochures etc.

logistic people (Deutschland) GmbH

Under the consideration of the guidelines of applicants and companys, logistic people arranges accurately fitting jobs. logistic people is specialised on sea, air and transport by ground branches.
Location: Mörfelden-Walldorf
Projects: Newsletter, job advertisement

Paul Fleischmann Haus

The Paul-Fleischmann-Haus, named after the famous German SPD politician Paul Theodor Fleischmann, was originally designed as a student apartment complex. The house has been expanding its horizons and opening itself up to a larger target group. Thanks to a new, highly informative website, the Paul-Fleischmann-Haus has been overwhelmed with inquiries from students from around the world.
Location: Berlin
Projects: Website

Pecon-Net GmbH

Consultancy for personnel and corporate development, implementation of strategic projects and design of change processes.
Location: Schriesheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Broschures etc.


Transportes Aéreos Pegaso is one of the market leaders for helicopter logistics and private air charter transportation in Mexico. In business now for over 26 years, the company entrusted gestaltungsWerk with the relaunch of their website.
Location: Mexico City, Mexiko
Projects: Website, advertising means

Perlkönig GmbH

Perlkönig is known since years for first-class jewellery with excellent workmanship and quality. The company consistently succeeds to inspire with trendy, exclusive ideas.
Location: Erbes-Büdesheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Webshop

Peter Bock AG

Perfection out of tradition: Peter Bock AG from Heidelberg, Germany, has been producing not only the finest nibs since 1939 but for some years now also ink-feed systems to meet the most exacting requirements. Among the company's clients are renowned national and international manufacturers of brand writing implements from all over the world.
Location: Heidelberg
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Broschures, Email-newsletter

Pales IT-Systemhaus GmbH

Pales IT Systemhaus is a specialist for IT Hard- und Software.
Location: Mertesheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Product design (SQL Discovery)

Plattform Energie

Plattform Energie regards itself as a partner for communal energy. They use the transparence of the energy market, combine the demand and provide an effective market access.
Location: Bad-Aibling
Projects: Logo development, different Corporate Design measures, Image brochure, exhibition supporting measures


PRO CONCEPT is dedicated to raising property values, maintaining and improving the profitability of large buildings and real estate holdings. PRO CONCEPT is a technical and infrastructure service provider for property management and real estate.
Location: Neu-Isenburg
Projecta: Corporate Design, Website

RegioPersonal GmbH

RegioPersonal with its head office in Ludwigshafen am Rhein is an expert for personell agency in the metropolitian area Rhein-Neckar.
Location: Ludwigshafen
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, signposting, etc.

Sanimed GmbH

SANIMED is one of the leading HomeCare businesses that offers medical products and services to people who are ill and in need of care.
Location: Ibbenbüren
Projects: Logo rework, Website

sogedes GmbH

For over 20 years, sogedes GmbH has supported and advised companies during the analysis and optimisation of their customer-oriented processes in the field of interaction and communication technology.
Location: Mannheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Mailing, Flyer

Sonnen-Apotheke Munster

The Sonnen-Apotheke in Munster is a consultant and point of contact in all questions regarding health and support.
Location: Munster
Projects: Corporate Design, campaign logo for 50 years anniversary, Advertisements, Image-Flyer

Spell GmbH

Spell offers services in the field of software development. Core competences are the whole spectrum of analysis, development, design, archiving and implementation.
Location: Karlsruhe
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Product marketing- und imaging

SQL Discovery

Time, money, control – that’s what success is built upon in the business world and that’s what SQL-Discovery delivers. With the help of this software, you can save time and money. And profit from better control of all your existing databank applications.
Location: Mertesheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Packaging, Screendesign

Stadtwerke Neustadt

The Stadtwerke Neustadt an der Weinstraße GmbH is a communal power company with long years of tradition in the supply of energy and water for their citizen.
Location: Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Projects: Website, WM-Mailing

Theaterhaus TIG7

Theaterhaus TIG 7 is the home of free theatre in Mannheim. It enjoys a special reputation for quality and innovation far beyond the city borders.
Location: Mannheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Schiller im Off Festival, Season opening posters, Here and Now Theatre Festival, Flyer


The services of the TREUREAL Group of companies ensure successful management of real estate – from the development, through commercial and technical support up to marketing.
Location: Mannheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Broschures, Flyer, exhibition, Email-newsletter, Mailing, Online-Tool sign ordering, PowerPoint, Posters, Advertisements.

TREUREAL Gebäudeservice GmbH

The services of the TREUREAL Group of companies ensure successful management of real estate – from the development, through commercial and technical support and marketing.
Location: Mannheim
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Email-newsletter, Broschures, Work clothes, Flyer, Vehicle advertising, Exhibition, sales promotion

VEGIS Immobilien Verwaltungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

The real estate services company VEGIS Immobilien Verwaltungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH has been active all over Germany since 1984.
Location: Neu-Isenburg
Projects: Corporate Design, Website, Flyer, exhibition

von Lewinski Immobilien

Real estate vendors, working throughout Germany.
Location: Fulda
Projects: Corporate Design, Brochures, Give-Aways, Flyer, Mailing

VSZ Rechtsanwälte

The lawyer partnership van Vilet, Schabbeck, Zickgraf offer their know- how in a variety of legal spheres.
Location: Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Projects: Corporate Design, Give-Aways

WERTGRUND Vermietungsmanagement GmbH

Wertgrund is a inegrated service and investment group for existing stock of residential real estates in germany. More than 40 employees work at 4 locations for the well- being of their customers.
Location: Rödermark
Projects: eviSystem-Corporate Design, eviSystem-Brochure, eviSystem-Website

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